Frequently asked questions

Where are training sessions held at?

Regular training is held at Qmp, Willowbank Mx, Gap Creek Moto & Private tracks if rider has access to tracks.

Do you hire bikes?

Unfortunately not at this moment we do not have hire bikes available.

What is involved in rider training sessions?

We start with the basic fundamentals and skills of controlling our motorcycle, apply these on track and leave riders excited for there next ride.

What protection gear is required?

Australian approved helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, long pants & jersey, knee guards are recommended.

How do i book a training session?

Easy! Check out our Calendly booking page (Homepage) for all our regular training sessions, or simply get in contact and we can organise a location & date.

Who are you?

My name is Dee Wilson and have over 25 years experience racing/ coaching in the dirt bike industry. I have podiumed Australian championships, Won state titles and been competitive in the pro ranks from the age of 16.

I pride myself on being a great coach and being relatable to all my riders who choose me.

I have gained great experience from my brother Jay Wilson who has won multiple Australian championships, Won a world title and multiple Japanese championships and now works as a factory test rider for Yamaha in Japan.